Kiddie Kollege Daycare Centre offers the following programs:


Our Infant and Toddler program is a play based concept that focuses on the child for developmental domains. We encourage each child through play to foster his/her independence.

We offer a wide range of activities such as coloring, paints, singing, counting, dance, running, and walking in both indoor and outdoor activities. We also teach the children their “self help skills” ex. putting on coats, shoes, eating with utensils, and potty readiness.

We encourage each child through play to build strong social connections through language, and social and emotional developments.

Our program enjoys the outdoors; we like to go out as much as possible either in the backyard play area, or going for walks to visit the ducks or to a community park.

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MULTI-AGE (2.5 - 5yrs old)

In our 3-5 year old program we have a play based program that focuses on your child’s independence and way of learning. We provide the same type of program as many preschools, just spread out throughout the longer daycare day. Our preschool program consists of story/ circle time, music and movement, arts and crafts, and science.

Independent toileting is a big milestone for young children; it not only shows their growing independence but also their social awareness and awareness of their own bodies. The staff would assist the children when asked but we would like to promote independence.